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As a firm, we strive to provide personalized tax as well as financial services to our diverse client base:

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Our firm aids both individuals as well as businesses. As a team, we value our staff’s collaboration as well expertise to assess each client’s specific needs. Furthermore, we customize our service offerings exclusively for each client tailored for the level of assistance they require. This includes an understanding of not only the individual, operation, culture, and challenges that our clients face, but also the accounting environment that they operate.

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Our firm provides federal, state, sales, and payroll tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, S-corps, and corporations. We strive to obtain and retain the technical knowledge to provide value through our expertise in both tax preparation, but also tax planning.

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Our firm supports both small as well as large organizations with financial services which can include preparation, reviewing, or analyzing company financials. We are available in person or virtual to review the financials reporting, so we can impart our expertise to our clients to become partners in their success.

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Our firm employs both Native English and Spanish speakers, thus we can provide our expertise is both languages, allowing us to service a wider range of clientele. We believe this ability accurately reflects the city we live and helps us better serve our community. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with various immigration attorneys to prepare financials for visa paperwork and aid the clients through the tax aspects of the immigration system.


Our primary purpose as an organization is to provide elite service by providing our clients personalized, sound financial as well as tax advice. Furthermore, we strive to maintain both integrity as well as honesty in all tax reporting. Additionally, we endeavor to deliver personal attention to our clients to foster a culture of growth, profitability, and enthusiasm in all our pursuits. 

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