We provided full service payroll processing for various clients including preparation and distribution as well as payment of payroll tax liabilities. We aid our clients in preparing quarterly payroll tax reports including 941s as well as state specific returns. Furthermore, we prepare and e-file our clients year end payroll forms including Form W2 and 940.

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We offer full service bookkeeping for many clients to reduce the burden of input and categorization of transactions. Additionally, we offer analysis and review of client’s prepared financials to assess trends, ensure proper categorization, and strategize for the future.


Our expertise lies in the preparation of business as well as personal tax returns. We file both federal as well as state tax returns, as necessary. Furthermore, we tackle returns that many firms will not including, 1040-NR, 1040-F, as well as 1040s with foreign sourced income.

Furthermore, we have created a niche in guiding foreign nationals through the U.S. tax system to ensure compliance and understanding. Many of our staff are bilingual, allowing many Hispanic clients to speak in their native language when discussing both financial and tax matters. We work hand in hand with various immigration attorneys to prepare financials for visa paperwork and aid the clients through the tax aspects of the immigration system.

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