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Our firm started in 2003 when Rosa Maria Diez Kinder left public accounting to start her own tax firm. Her goal was to build a firm based on client relationships while also balancing family life. She began her small business with a handful of clients, who believed in her. Over time, she expanded her business through capitalizing on her ability to speak both English and Spanish, allowing her to cater to a wider base of clients. As Rosa Maria continued her pursuit of meaningful client relationships, inevitably, her workload grew too big. Thus, in 2017, Rosa Maria asked one of her daughters-in-law, Taylor, to join the practice as both a CPA and partner. In 2018, Rosa Maria and Taylor, re-branded the firm formerly known as Rosa Maria Diez, PLLC to Kinder, Diez, and Associates PLLC, as it stands today. To grow the family business, KDA also employs Rosa Maria’s, two other daughters-in-law, Monica and Darrean. 

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Rosa María and Taylor

"Along with our staff, we look forward to the future of the firm while remaining focused on providing superior client service in all pursuits."

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